Transformation Groups


Transformation groups are small groups gathered in community using ATHOE as a way to move themselves from being problem-focused to possibility-focused, ultimately experiencing transformation. We believe it’s all about progress over perfection. Transformation Groups engage your current-reality and provide encouragement to move you to a new awareness of possibility. The focus of the group is holistic; with each individual participating with their specific focus of physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, vocational and collective formation. Through praying, declaring and commanding together over our unique focus; transformation occurs and our possibilities change.

Transformation Groups are made available through our community partner, OCN. If you find yourself near San Dimas, CA, we encourage you to check out a group and discover the power of community as you choose transformation together!

Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM- Starbucks, 114 E. Bonita Ave., San Dimas (Women's Group)

Thursdays @ 7:30 PM- Starbucks, 114 E. Bonita Ave., San Dimas (Men's Group))